Xbox shutting off during Domination games.....?

So I’ve been having this problem since 2k18, but it’s recently gotten much worse.

During domination games, whenever any sort of cut replay comes, or the halftime screen pops up, it causes my Xbox to make a bit of a surging sound. You can hear the Xbox is working hard during these screens. Every once in a while when a cut screen or halftime screen comes up, my Xbox just shuts off. But it’s been EVERY DAMN GAME the last 2 days. I can’t finsh domination. Only 8 games to go. When I turn my Xbox back on it says my Xbox shut off due to overheating and not enough ventilation. I put a damn ION fan just in my Xbox and have been doing this since I started having the problem. I have my Xbox in the open with plenty of room. I clean it routinely. It’s only 2k that I have any issues with. Any other game is fine. Anyone got some ideas on what I can do? It’s obviously something in 2k’s code that is forcing my Xbox to work harder than it needs to but I can’t do anything about that.