Xbox Show Case Event

Where are my Xbox bros @??? I’m so hyped for this. You can hate on Xbox all you want, but from what I’m hearing we will be pleasantly surprised. I’m hearing they own to rights to some heavy hitter exclusives. I believe Halo will come back strong, assuming the game is solid.

There have been rumblings about Xbox live being made free to everyone, so we no longer have to pay for multiplayer. That would be a massive power move. It would force Sony to do the same, it would hurt Sony as well because they rake in so much off PS+ subs. Obviously Sony isn’t worth nearly as much as Microsoft. Even if it is free, game pass ultimate is still the move for me.


After doing a bit more research on what’s been going on with Infinite, I’m pleased to announce that the game might actually surprise a lot of people in a very good way.

I missed it a month ago, but the Banished are officially in Halo Infinite (if you haven’t been following Halo for the past few years, you’ll have no clue who these guys are) which is a big deal.

We could very well have an Arbiter vs. Atriox (Banished Leader) fight in Infinite which would be amazing

Basically this is what we know officially so far (Note: We’ll finally be getting Halo Infinite News tomorrow if I’m correct so be on the lookout)…

  • The Banished are in the game
  • The Flood (are more than likely in the game)
  • Exploring Zeta Halo (a ring we’ve never visited in any other halo games)
  • More focus on Chief as Microsoft proclaims
  • Chief Armor is redesigned (back to his Halo 2 armor I believe)

Possibilities that might be in Halo Infinite

  • Reach (if I remember correctly there’s rumor that Chief and co visit Reach to retrieve Halsey’s work but will meet up with the Banished in Reach)
  • Sword of Sanghelios (Arbiter and his faction)
  • Sword of Sanghelios vs Banished mini war
  • More portential secrets of the Primordials in Zeta Halo
  • The Created (Cortana and her army haven’t been 100% confirmed as far as I know, but expect them to be in the game)

This looks very promising than Halo 5 already

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Welp I just extended my Xbox Live for another year so if this happens, then that sucks

Ngl, as someone mentioned on here, Microsoft should lowkey make the Hitman series an Xbox exclusive (which would be huge for them imo).

Other franchises I think they should make exclusives are…

  • AC <- Another power move here
  • Cyberpunk (maybe)
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I’m pretty sure you cant buy more than 3 months of xbox live currently on the marketplace, so it leads me to believe this is true :confused: i hope you got game pass ultimate. If you just got a year of gold, that bites. lol

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I got a year of gold, but it doesn’t matter, I got it as a gift anyways. Sucks for the individual who bought it for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is it that good?

If so, I might consider it

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Take a look at the game pass selection, there are some gems on there.

Will do

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I think people gonna be shook how much better Xbox gonna be.


I agree. I think we will be laughing at PS owners this year. And hopefully so bc that PS i might POS (piece of shit) is not even worth owning for the exclusives imo.

We all really know most of y’all PS fan boys going to be shaking in your boots today


Aye man let’s get it , if they do free live I wonder if game pass membership becomes the go to


Xbox Gang for ever man I’m gonna be a proud high tech mini mini fridge owner can’t wait its day one for me


I hope this isn’t true

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