Xbox Servers Down?!

Is anyone else unable to play the game or connect to Live?! Sucks if you have cards up right now this is fucked up

yep can’t connect

PlayStation down too

They added a moment’s challenge & broke the server :joy::joy:

Yeah it just kicked me off, I thought it was just my connection but then after it tried to sync with the 2k servers, this message came up

“failed to synchronise gamercard info” or something? :thinking::thinking::cry:

Wow people are about to loose an insane amount of MT and likewise make a TON of MT if only I’d had bids on players before we crashed fuck

Got a DM DeMar I sniped that ends in like 10 minutes. Thanks, 2k! This company is a fucking joke.

it back up

Damn just seen Luka go for 230K :man_facepalming:t3:

Tbh, it’s currently 1:14am in the UK so it was probably nature’s way of telling me to get the fuck off the xbox and go to sleep… :sleeping::joy:

Bruh what kind of tic tac servers are these ffs, this happens friday, saturday and sunday every night at least 5 times and now on work days aswell…

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Are they still down? I’m about to take a fat L if so

They are back up on PS4 and not everyone got disconnected. AH seemed fine and it looks like due to the Nets-Pel Zion code servers saw a massive spike.

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Appreciate the update. Kind of amazing how a company that makes this much money has consistent server issues

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So what’s the locker code?


Lmfao sapphire Zion made servers crash. You can’t make this shit up

Same with a locker code… today for a pels player :wink: