XBOX SERIES X/S Preorders Live 11 AM EST

Just wanted to make a thread about pre orders, how to, what’s the best way etc

Never preordered a console before so I honestly don’t even know how it works I’m just use to buying shit digitally and it arriving at my door lmaoo

But with corona we have steps I really wanna get my hands on the Xbox and PS5 day one

So what are you guys doing to get them ?


Microsoft hasn’t really given much details to the
Pre orders yet but I’ve never pre ordered a console before either so idk of its a ticket thing


Save payment info to all major retailers and sub to their email notifications.

Call your local stores today or when they open tomorrow if they say no today.

Follow said retailers on Twitter.

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Bet bro

I personally like to stalk this stuff myself, so if I snag one I’ll be trying to post here simultaneously to let people know (if it’s from somewhere online and not my local store, obviously)

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Wario64 on Twitter, it seems Walmart did PS5 up already and sold out

yup lmao

xb preorders start sept 22


yea and their will be more of them

i just hate how sony said tmr but ppl already go it today

No pre orders in the Philippines yet :disappointed:

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Agreed. GS the wife went to pretty much confirmed they’re expecting to have more stock for the Xbox than they had for PS5’s.

yea sony said that they were backed up damn rona

Seriously. 15 million units projected down to only 11 million actual is a huge fucking drop in supply.

exactly sheesh

I usually get one console first and the second a few months after but i think i’m gonna go for both day one. Who else on the same boat besides OG?


@12thFloor @jdealla @Kobe6Rings @rsande64 from what iseen


Target right now ps5 preorder

yup only reg tho

Both up.