Xbox series x problem!

Do u send back only the console or they need the power cable too?
Im having the same issue, did a request last week but the support still not called me up about it.

Sounds like software issue on 2k side probably then if it only occurs on NBA 2k. :thinking:

I doubt it’s a hardware issue if it only happens in one game or what

Also question to the people who have this problem. Did this start to happen after a while or was it always there? I have the Series X as well but thankfully I hadn’t had this problem so far, I’m kinda worried though reading this, that it might start to happen to me as well haha

You send the console only.

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Happens right away. If it hasn’t happened you should be fine.

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I had no issues on 2k21 but 2k22 started it. It was weird I played limited and unlimited this weekend except one time ot turned off during limited. I stopped playing that mode. I can play warzone all day and no issues

It happens only in online modes for me. And it happened around next gen launch for 2k21 too.
I also got my console when they dropped the first series x’s so probably the 1st consoles are faulty.
Before it turns off, the screen freeze and goes green and then off.

If I wouldnt got gamepass for years, I would just change to PS5, this bs is way too much.

Yeah send it in. I had one of the first Series X as well and it happen only in online play in 21 and then again in 22. Fuck 2K it’s clearly their issue but you can’t do anything about it unless you send the xbox in for repairs.

It is definitely 2k but I won’t send my xbox in.

Wow I would expect these engineers or who ever to finally have it down packed. This is the 5th or 6th type of Xbox they have released since the 1st box was released almost 20yrs ago.

My decision has been made. I am hella buying that ps5 and I was really loving my Xbox 1x ready to upgrade to the series x but hell to the naw naw…

It’s clearly a 2k issue if it only happens in 2k, so IDK why you mad at Microsoft

If it were to happen to me I’d just stop playing 2k and do myself a huge favour and play better games I guess. I’m already doing that by playing mostly FIFA 22 (FUT).

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Its a well known Xbox issue…


Yeah but it sure is weird how it only happens in one game isn’t it?

Hopefully they fix it.

But that shouldn’t discourage people from buying the Series X. I had a PS5 and sold it for Xbox and I don’t regret it one bit, it’s a better console to have right now, in the future when PS5 gets some viable exclusives I’d probably buy it too but till then I’m fine on xbox.

Probably the game causing something with some early faulty consoles. But I read a lot about this topic, Fifa 22, CoD, etc also causing this. All in multiplayer modes. Cooling, overusage of some hardwares who knows…
If its a 2k problem then it would be causing problems for more players, not just the ones who got their consoles early.
I love Xbox since 360, the concept of gamepass, but if they cant fix it for me I will change to PS5, once it will be more avaliable… :frowning:

IDK, something doesnt really add up to me here, if it was overheating or some other hw error it would probably happen in all/most other games as well…but to a lot of people it only happens in 2k.

Anyway luckily it hasnt happened to me yet, I just hope it stays that way. :crossed_fingers: I’m kinda nervous because I dont have any official warranty or invoice since I bought it from a guy who won it in a raffle. :sweat_smile:

Any idea how long does MS warranty last?

If u have the serial number added to your microsoft account u can check that status. You dont need any paper or receipts for it.

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Bro now I’m gonna wait another 2yrs before buying a next gen. Both new toys are having issues with popular games that we all love to play from 2K, cod, and fifa…. This round of next gen consoles is trash. Both Microsoft and Sony gotta get their shit together. I’m gonna stick with my Xbox 1 x.

TBH first batch of consoles have always been problematic. Just remember Xbox 360s and PS3s. Compared to RROD (Red Ring of Death) this ain’t nothing :smiley:

I owned both PS5 for a few months (which I later sold) and now Xbox Series X (from July) and thankfully hadn’t had any problems with both. I just hope it stays that way…I’m probably gonna try to sell this one and get a newer version when I found some stock available to maybe buy one with extended warranty just to have my mind at ease.

So yeah if I were you I wouldn’t wait but simply buy one (XSX/PS5) with extended warranty when I get the chance, once you get used to next gen there’s no going back.

Yea a 100% money back guarantee :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Quick update, my Xbox X is arrived to the microsoft service in germany, now fingers crossed they can switch or repair it :grimacing: