Xbox series x problem!

Hi guys. When I play myteam offline modra like domination, tt offline evething is good, but when I try play online my xbox crashing. Anyone have same problem or someone know how to fix that?


I have the same issue and so do a bunch of other people, 2k is “looking into it” but it also happened on 2k21 so I doubt it’s going to be fixed

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What do you mean? It crashes in all online game modes? Even draft and ulimited?

Is this a new problem or is it happening till the start? :thinking:
I got Xbox Series X as well, I’ve had many glitches with the game but I hadn’t had this, at least till now haha, I had a 10-0 run on online draft a few days ago and didn’t have any problem with game crashing

I have problem in all online mods

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Faulty xbox

One time I got it in domination too

I’ve seen this pop up occasionally and feel so bad for you guys. Been lucky with the Series X, myself.

I’ve had the system shutdown issue in every 5v5 online game mode since release day and can only play offline 5v5 or online 3v3.

Your options are to either wait for a patch or send your broken console into Microsoft.

I got tired of waiting for a patch and just sent my system in for repair/return while it was still under warranty.

The only online game I can play is tto. All other modes crash the system.

Same thing was happening in 2k21 to me. Support just tells you to restart your xbox to clear cache. One of the reasons I don’t play online… wasting contracts when it just shuts down randomly.

Been happening since 2k21 next gen and they never fix ir. Never happens on the current gen version

So its xbox problem or 2k? I dont know what to do right now

I had an issue with my series x where it would crash. I had factory reset it multiple times, got it working fine only for it to do the same thing. Eventually it got to where it would crash every few min, then to where it wouldn’t even turn on on screen and the system would shut off after 10 seconds. Sent it in some time in June and they sent me another one. Luckily I’ve had no issues with this one so far.

I got my series X in late November/early December fwiw. Common issue with a lot of people who got the series x early on.

Been happening since next gen first dropped in 2K21. I thought it would be fixed with 2K22 but it still happens to me most often in draft mode games. I’ve only been able to finish about 3 draft mode games out of 10 tries without the Series X crashing. Shit is ridiculous.

Probably time to send mine then if you got one that’s working. I have an early edition so maybe that’s why.

But does it happen in other games as well or only in 2k?

That’s really unfortunate man I feel sorry for you, I got Series X as well and I’m hoping something like this doesn’t happen to me as well haha :crossed_fingers: I don’t even have a receipt for it as I bought it from a guy that got it as a prize in a raffle, so I’d probably have a problem or two trying to replace it directly from Microsoft :sweat_smile:

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Nah they just use the serial number for your warranty. They know people buy them from online marketplaces. And no it doesn’t happen in any other game. I had Madden 21 and Fifa 21 and have played Madden 22 on the Series X as well. It doesn’t happen in any other game for me. I sent in my Xbox this morning so hopefully when I get it back it’s all good.

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Thats what the guy that sold me the Xbox told me as well so thats good to hear that its true then, good job Microsoft not being petty about receipts :smiley: but the warranty probably only lasts a year right? That means that its gonna expire soon anyway…unless its longer? :thinking:

Sent my Xbox in on wednesday the 29th and it’s already headed back to me as of today. I think I’m either getting a new one or more likely factory refurbished from them because it’s shipping out of Kentucky which I think most of their new consoles or factory refurbished ship from.

Mine does same shit online. 2k literally the only game

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