Xbox Series S/X - where to buy digital games?

Hi guys, I’m new on the Xbox Series X and I’ve been wondering where is the cheapest place to buy new digital like NBA 2k22, FIFA 22 etc?

Also I saw that its much cheaper to buy from the US store than the UK for example. I’m not sure which region I selected, I’m just looking at my settings and I have Country/Region selected as United States. But I have a UK address selected as my billing/shipping address. So I dont really know which one applies to the store :rofl:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yeah US is a lot cheaper, so I usually buy from there. I’ve often saved $30 on new releases.

You’ll need a US billing address though. I just looked up a random hotel in Oregon and put that as my address :joy: They have no sales tax in Oregon.

You won’t be able to buy directly from the store though so you’ll need USD gift cards. I’ve bought from in the past, but you can look around for the best prices. Sometimes I’ve gotten lucky and was able to buy $100 gift cards for $90 :money_mouth_face:

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Thanks, so I should change my billing/shipping address and change it to Oregon like you said for example? :smiley: Does that fix the problem or do I need a new account?

Yeah it does fix it. All you need is to set the store region to US and add a US billing address and it should work :wink:

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Okay so I changed my location to US and I got an American store now in $ and all I gotta to now is remove my old PayPal acc info and add a new one with american shipping address?

Also one other question: you said that you cant buy games here directly on the store via PayPal? You need gift cards right? But how do u pay for gamepass then or is that different? :thinking:

I think it should work now right?

Yeah exactly. I don’t even think it’s necessary to remove the UK PayPal tbh but I could be wrong.

Yeah can’t buy directly to my knowledge, only with gift cards. As far as game pass goes you’ll need gift cards as well, so I don’t think you can auto renew. It’s been a while since I’ve done this so I don’t recall exactly how I did it but I think that’s right.

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Yeah it should

But on the UK acc I could renew my gamepass without any problems…we’ll see

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Yeah I’m not sure I’m just not sure it’ll allow auto renewal when it can’t charge directly from your PayPal but I could be wrong on that

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So if it doesnt work to auto renew the gamepass I should just top up my acc with a gift card?

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Yeah that’s what I did I think

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How about this?

Probably worth it for 1 year right?

Looks like a good deal to me for sure. 100% worth it for gamepass imo. That way you won’t have to deal with the auto renewal thing either.

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I bought it for 1 year for 75 € (85$), which is an awesome deal for 1 year subscribtion if you ask me :smiley:

I had to pay 13.5€/month before with a normal renewal subscribtion which comes to like 160 € a year.

I was worried they sent me a wrong code because it didnt work when I tried typing it in on my Xbox or on my browser. I was already asking for a refund but then I thought of trying it with an american VPN. Not it works thankfully haha.

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