XBOX Selling MT

I’m getting the fuck outta here with this game so my MT is going up for sale

$8/100k but we can discuss discounts if you buy in bulk

Hey I’m down I need 300k plz contact me ASAP


1.5 mil in stock

I’ll do $7 per 100k today

Got plenty of vouches

I need a mill

450k left wanna sell it asap

Huge vouch! Great communication and fast deal. Highly recommend.

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Sold out :slight_smile:

Got 390k that I’ll sell for $20

PayPal only

Would ya take 15$? Thanks

He already giving you a great deal dude lol

Worry about yourself and your 6 viewers dude

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your buggin over 5 dollars lol

i think you should be worrying bout yourself over there

Ya I’m BUGGING OUT cause I asked. Not much going on for ya that you’re inserting yourself into other people threads? You getting ready to let people know you’re live even though no one cares?

this is a public forum

go cry :slight_smile:

negotiate in the dms lol

Vouch. Quick easy transaction!


Sold out

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