[Xbox] selling MT 2k22

Back again with XBOX 2k22 mt for sale :slightly_smiling_face:
:shopping_cart: PayPal f&f, 10% 2k taxes (and your cards cost) covered. Price is negotiable.

Selling my spare mt here since this site was created, with zero negative feedback.
:point_right: Those are my threads (and vouches): 2k18, 2k19, 2k20 and 2k21. :point_left:

Feel free to dm me if you have any questions (or want to know the price). Price tends to change, (usually) I look at the prices at the moment and go from that :handshake:.

:heavy_check_mark: Notes

  • That’s my own spare mt, and I’ve got it from playing this game, flipping cards, sniping, etc. That’s as “safe and clean” mt’s as it can be. As long as you follow my instructions - the ban chance is minimal. Although it is still possible - we are acting against the 2k rules (terms and conditions) here.
  • The most common question - “Taxes and cards cost covered - what does that mean?”. Let me explain. When you’re buying mt, you’re putting your cards up at the auction. When you’re redeeming it, 2k takes 10% off of that. So if you’ll put up a card at 100k - you won’t get +100k to your account. You’ll lose 10k mt and that card. Covering taxes (and your card’s cost) means that if you have (for example) 50k and will buy 100k - you’ll have 150k on your account after all is done. And won’t lose any of your cards (or you’ll receive theirs current auction price).
  • Xbox One (S, X) and Xbox Series X|S (current-gen and nextgen) are sharing the same market in the game => the offer applies to all types of Xbox consoles and versions of the game.

1mil+ 2k22 mt available rn
PS also have some 2k21 mt

Vouching for my man. Great communication and very quick.

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What’s your rates?

Replies fast. Thanks again. Vouch

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:up: 1mil mt (with taxes covered) available :slight_smile:

Vouching for my man! Quick and reliable.

:up: Another 800k mt (with taxes covered) available

How much for 200k? Msg me. Thanks

:up: Another 500k mt (with taxes covered) available :slight_smile:

What’s your rates?

:up: 600k mt (with taxes covered) available :slight_smile:

Price per 100k

Big vouch… great communication… fast & reliable …

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