[xbox] pretty stacked myteam account for sale

i decided to quit the game cause i feel like there’s no use of me playing anymore. down below are the links to pictures of valuable items in my myteam.

if yall are interested or got any questions, shoot me a message.

edit: I opened a few packs and got opal bron and another opal Simmons, with other low tier opals like trae Kyrie bol bol tacko.


might as well just sale all your auctionable cards and liquify your account then just sell the MT.

Yeah also do something before you sell your mt or account so that it shows your are 100% legit.


bump + update. i sold off the lebron, tatum and others. still got bol bol, webber, oop kirilenko and two tackos in the auctions. i have come up with a price for $225. account rn has 1.8 million mt and a potential 300-450k which can be sold. lmk if you guys are interested.