Xbox Park

Any boys rep grinding beats today? West servers if youre not on west lmk and ill see what we can do

Does the event differently because of time zones or does it end at Global time

ik beats west starts in 3 hrs

east ends soon

OH ok. On the east it already started and been playing for the last 2 hours.

yea bro west will start in about 3 hrs

Dime Time today, and I’m ready to dish. Any takers?

i’m down but won’t be on for a bit. what time will u be playing?

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No plans today, so just hit me up whenever.

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna start a rep grind service soon

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help a homie out bruh im on asians servers

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When is the next event maybe I can hop on ur profile and grind sometime

Someone log on and save me from this Bird grind.

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About to hit SS2 in the next day or two. What a grind this is.

@jdealla @Kaubel @PopThieve

when are y’all down to do some park?

I might be able to do some later tonight

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Im gonna try to get on in like 1.5 or 2 hours from now.


Yuuuup, I’m down for this.

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Ok, I might not be available at that time. More than likely I’ll be available closer to 8pm EST.

Yeaaa that’ll work better. I’ll be home about then.


I’m hopping on here soon, looks like you guys already got 3 but if someone backs out hmu and I can be a replacement if you want