Xbox One Sound

For some reason i logged on today and i cant get sound to play from my xbox one. Has anyone had this issue?

You’ve tried restarting everything? Checked the menu in case the audio levels were changed?

go to options then display and sound then audio output then make sure the HDMI audio is stereo uncompressed


I’ve had this problem before and I know how to fix it. It’s none of the things that the guys in this thread said, but you disrespected the great Drew Brees and Anthony Davis so enjoy :wink: playing on Mute for the rest of 2k19… WHODAT

Yeah i restarted everything and changed HDMI cords even

Check the audio output like OG said. Mute isn’t on somewhere, or course . . .

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This is the correct answer. Mess with the audio output settings.

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Happened to me 2 days ago and I did all the troubleshooting it said in the website and didn’t work. I turned the Xbox off, I just switched to Netflix on my Roku tv and then back to my input for the Xbox and sounds was back on. Idk of that even does anything but worked for me

Yeah its so weird bc i was watchin game of thrones before i went to bed and then i come home and its not working lol

I made a thread on this in 2k18 and no one could help me. I played with the audio output settings in the Xbox settings and mine came back on. You’ll have to check to see if the audio is compressed and also switch between the different formats of audio. It was like surround sound Dolby etc … one of them will be the right one.

Damn i messed with all the sound settings and tried switching to another app or something on my tv like gpap and nothing

Wait a second LOL

@Gpap i just started mashing random buttons on my tv remote and it started working. What the fuck. Lol ill take it tho