Xbox one MT 8/100k

Day 1 member. PayPal friends and family.

Not really looking to deal with brand new accounts.

Link from selling last year with vouches.

Bump 7.5/100k

still got mt?

Yeah, online for the rest of the night

Can I get a million for 65

Already among the lowest on xb1 at 7.5 not really looking to go below

I just flipped off a million for $70 from someone

But you were just selling for 10/100k a few days ago with millions in stock?

Yea looking for good deals to sell to others

are you still selling?

Bump. In stock 8/100k

Vouch, smooth and easy.

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How much for 1.3 mil?

I’ll go first

Messaged you

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OOS at the moment.