Xbox One 2K21 MT $20/100k

Got about 400k in stock for sale :smiley:

Paypal friends and family


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100k goes from $4 to $28 in a week lmao

supply and demand pple. if no one buys it the price will come down. sellers will only charge what people are willing to pay.

It’s a different game this is how much prices will be on day 3

I know

what are people willing to pay then? :roll_eyes:

It’s a good price this early, no one forcing anyone to buy, if you dont like it move on :slight_smile:


who knows? you’re putting up your price so you’ll find out sooner than I will!

chinese sites are selling for 22 - 24 right now, but I’m skeptical about them having enough stock at the moment.

I suppose. I mean, I am open to hearing offers but that’s the price I thought was fair.

I got 500k for sale rn.

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Updated. Open to hear offers.

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20 USD per 100K
High stock
Bulk deals negotiable