XBOX—Need Help, Fellas

Am 8 cards away from Dirk. I’ve put up three diamonds between 99,750mt and 99,900mt, all with fugly converse diamond shoe. They’re all at about 23 1/2 hours as of this writing.

Any 2kgamer regular on XBox wanna help, just post six diamonds just under 75,000mt with different bids(example: 74,850bin with 23,450bid). Post them at 24 hours and wait a few minutes; lemme me know in the body of this thread your cards.

I’ll buy five of your cards through my other accounts, you then buy my cards(listed above). When my post-Dirk sales clear this weekend, I’ll buy your other listed diamond. You’ll clear 100k with no risk, and you just gotta buy or list cheap diamonds.