XBOX MT 1.4 Mil. 10$ per 100k

No bulk deals sorry…
Pm me. I can go first since this is my first time selling to trusted member

Please be careful buying not trying to hijack your thread but all your successful transactions on here have been as a buyer. Not a seller

Anyone who has been on this site with outstanding Rep shouldn’t have to go first

Protect yourself y’all

Hope you get rid of this mt. But need better vouches as a seller to demand going last

And I have no issues paying.

No issues buying mt and no issues selling mt are two vastly different things

Bump. Still in stock

Bump. Still in stock. Sorry if you msg me and I did not answer.

Sent you a pm

Vouch bruh went first hes legit!

1 mil still in stock

Bump, available all day. 1mil in stock

Are you going first in the trade?
I need about 500k

Big vouch he was fast as hell get to him !!!

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800k left. Bump. Trying to get rid of stock today

Just messaged you

Vouch, quick and easy. He went first.

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Bump . Still have 700k left

Bump. Back in stock. 800k

700k left. Hmu

Back in stock. HMU.

700k. Ready to go