XBOX: mixedhd wins!

There is something very unique about some of today’s cards that has a very specific connection to ELEMENT.

First one to figure it out wins 25k. XB1 only!

First one to answer correctly wins


paul pierce and/or celtics

Your related to one of them


Element owns an Eddy Curry and Muresan jersey?

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you lost to eddy curry in a burger eating contest by half a bun

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I won that contest

aw shit i was so close

Shares a birthday with you

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Hint : has to do with 2 of the cards and you can figure it out just from the cards info

Same school?

Does it have to do with Odom playing for Providence which is next door to us? Did you go to school in Providence?

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They’re from LA

You’re 26 years old

From Rhode Island


So close

@mixedhd you got it

Mobley and Odom

Did you meet them in Providence?

You smoke crack?