Xbox High End Cards Ending ~8PM Eastern

All cards have ideal gold badges attached and most have diamond contracts. Just liquidating since I won’t be able to play MyTeam for a bit and don’t want to lose too much value.

PD 97 Kevin Durant Diamond Contract Red Kobe AD Mids

PD 98 Magic Johnson

PD 97 Scottie Pippen Diamond Contract Blue Jordan’s that boost swb

PD 97 Kyle Kuzma Red Kobe AD Mids

PD 97 Greg Oden White Kobe AD Mids

PD 97 Larry Bird Diamond Contract CP3s

PD 97 Anthony Davis Diamond Contract White Kobe AD Mids

PD 97 Giannis Antetokounmpo Foamposites

PD 97 Antawn Jamison

D 95 Arvydas Sabonis Pink Adidas

Jeez AD is already at 471k

Hour and a half left don’t miss your chance

One last reminder, all ending within 10 minutes

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