XBOX: Fully badged Iguodala + White Kobe AD + Infinite Contract

Iguodala + White Kobe AD (Ball control + Open 3, stl, accel, post fade) + Infinite Contract.

Got Paul Pierce & don’t want to run big PG’s.

He is fully badged with Deep range deadeye, limitless, lob city passer, dimer, rim protector & bruiser.

GL — card has 50K+ MT of extras with White Kobe’s + badges — bargain if you want Iggy.

How much time left?

A lot — expires tomorrow at like 2pm PST — I F’d up the timer lol

You could’ve left out the rest, but that sucks. :cry:

How much you think you’ll get for him? I have the same card except with the pg’s and i know I should sell him now but I’m reluctant cause I do like him. Especially at pg lol

No clue. I’d recommend keeping him unless you have all diamonds/pink diamonds. He’s an incredible card.

I agree. Greed got the better of me and I put him up. Will see what happens hoping to grab him back later

Should be about an hour left