Xbox Friendlies


Guy had to bail, still looking.

Whenever you’re ready bro

Hazardousphrat is the gamer

I’d love to later man - My son was with his grandparents earlier, but he’s home now. He goes to bed around 7 pm (Eastern), happy to play after that.

Sounds good I will be free after the women’s title game tonight.

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My GT is the same as my user here and I’ll be able to go in an hour or so

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Cool man, same name on XBL, as well. I’ll post a stream.

Yo I’ll do all time Knicks vs your 6ers

That sounds fun as hell man! I’ll be on all night. I really want to see Billy v Richie.

I just finished making the team you wanna go now?

I’m ready now whenever you are. Just let me know

I committed to ezon first, but I’ll be happy to play you next.

Give me like 5 min


gg man, that was brutal at the end. Not to make excuses, but I didn’t have my playbook and got sucked into some weird 5 out freelance that wasn’t my style at all. 4th quarter was awful, I went 1-7 on 3s and 5 were wide open :joy:

@OGxSuave game?

GG man. I forgot to update my lineup and was itching to try Malone in 5 on 5. I haven’t touched MTU because of PG shenanigans. This was my first game against someone on the forums though and it’d be cool to play some others. Play with friends is also not a very good way to judge skill. Pro difficulty can make a lot of things that wouldn’t fly in an actual game happen

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Hey man, no excuses, you kicked my ass at the end and I started jacking stupid shots. Next time we play we have to pick different coaches though, I’d like to run some plays.

Yeah, next time just remind me and I’ll switch to Kerr or something