Xbox Friendlies discussion 12/8

Game starting soon, stream is Live. I talked to Iverson in the locker room, he said he looks forward to the challenge.


76ers Squad vs Nba Foreigners squad should be fun Giannis says hello!

76ers squad lookin nice af

Bump :fire:

One question is Tim Duncan elgible lmao?

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Probably not

Born in Virgin Islands, eligible.

No Hedo Turkoglu?

Never mind I see him

ehhh ill keep him out cause if i put him in id move ak or giannis to bench and then id be cheesing wth a 6’9 and above pg

That Sixers Squad is literally how this game is supposed to be played , your favourite players no matter the gem tier . I can get behind that


You want to send invite? I have same name on XBL.

It’s a little tough right now, but I’m 60 cards from Webber and 441 tokens from Wilt, it’ll start to pay off then. And once I get an amethyst or better Ben Simmons, I’ll be really happy.

yea ill send at 10:30

Your the man bro I like ur style :triumph:

Game starting now

Can a guy get a defensive rebound? :triumph::joy:

How do you guard plays with the flipped camera, you can’t even see some of the court?


star5CR34M’s 2nd half keys to victory: Making a wide open shot.

I got winner