[XBOX] Custom MyTeam Roster Private All-Star Teamup?

I’m down for tonight, my cousin most likely too


Yeah Giannis is glitchy.

@Clarke_Griffin do you have time with Pre soon so he could try out Giannis?

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508 ur down for the custom roster one. this one is the one where you select a player and i make them animations and everything and we have one player at each position. weve got the other one running tonight too

i guess i could yeah but we neeedd to draft

Does the glitch only work on xbox?

no it works on ps4 too

It is, if you want Stuz, you can try out your player with Clarke real quick so he can make any quick changes if needed

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I’m down for whatever, I just wanna play team up

please for the love of God keep @thePre2 and @stuz0h separated haha


yeah we doing normal team up tonight too its just if u were doing this i needed to make a player for you and i dont have time for that now unfortunately. after tonight i will be asking anyone who wants to do this again if they want to and what players they want next week

Oh my bad I thought we were using an already made roster or just the regular one

thats what we are doing on the regular one tonight. this one is separate


everyone i need confirmation of when u want to draft and when u are available tonight

oh ok didn’t know there was 2. Idk I’m down for whatever, I’ve been enjoying team up more than myteam

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I’m available all day, so idc

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same here. next week ill put u down for this too as long as u give me a player u want to be

Kareem. If its myteam then Hakeem

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yeah ill put u down for next week as hakeem then. does ur cousin have a player?

Idk yet. He usually uses Lebron but the opal can’t play SF

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