[XBOX] Custom MyTeam Roster Private All-Star Teamup?

[XBOX] Custom MyTeam Roster Private All-Star Teamup?

I found a way to import custom rosters into Private All-Star Teamups. It requires little work. If you are interested, drop ur gamertag and card you want to be in the teamup. i will creat the card with stats, animations, badges, and tendencies. i do not want to share the glitch in public as it may get patched but if you dm i will explain it

players so far
@jc9288 - takeover pippen (pf)
@Straightrash - oop lebron (pg)
@stuz0h - ff2 jr smith (sg)
@thePre2 - takeover giannis (pf)
@OGxSuave - opal reward ad ©
@jdealla - GOAT mj (sg)
@Shinostique - prime vip eddy curry ©
@DROSEDaGod - opal reward glen rice (sf)
@JohnnyHimrod - prime II kevin durant (sf)
@Clarke_Griffin - opal reward dwade (pg)


lebron has been taken


I am so in if this is true, so I have a few questions…

  1. Is this glitch legit, or are you trippin? I doubt you’re trippin, so do you mind dropping a pm and I can maybe test it out myself?

  2. If this glitch is legit, is there any way @Clarke_Griffin that you can have this done by this Friday (May 22nd)? We’re planning (508 and Straightrash) to hold a team up friendly on Memorial Day weekend (which is this weekend) and if this glitch works, then it’s going to be so much fun.

Note: Actually I would really like to know how this glitch works so can you pm me real quick?

Note 2: If you want, to see if this glitch works, you can invite me to your lobby once I provide my GT through pm, so that we can test this out.

Lol ur all screwed I got oop lebron

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Nah, perfect Muggsy will end LeBron’s career.

Lol don’t do Muggsy lol


again everyone there is a max of 10 players on each team. if we can avoid running too many players out of their listed positions that would be nice, but if there is 3 centers on one team i suppose we can run the most sf-like one at sf

Oh man, so I found out the glitch thanks to Clarke Griffin, so we will have to keep this private (pm’s only), but if this glitch works. I expect this Friday to be LIT!


Not just friday, but saturday, sunday, and monday

Shot you a dm

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i think i responded did u get it

Got it

@stuz0h @Shinostique any non-lebron cards you want to reserve for now? gonna start work on the cards after my school finishes

also an fyi to everyone if said card (for example, yi jianlian) is not in any of the rosters, i will make a dup player with a somewhat accurate body, accurate height and weight, and make the correct animations stats and badges

also as long as i can get cards from everyone by end of today or early tomorrow it should be done by friday. i dont really want to make too many last minute changes since it takes anywhere from 30 mins to an hour to make a card depending on how different they are from the base card

There isn’t a particular player I want requested, but I’m sure everyone is going to want…

Eddy Curry
Bol Bol
PG Giannis

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u sure u dont want anyone? ive got last pick since i dont want to start this and be like “no you cant have him”. i have no issue with making any card and yeah ill probably start making kobe, jordan, shaq, bol, tmac, glen rice, and thon

Quick thing, do you have time real quick to test out if this glitch works, just you and I, by using the roster you suggested on Private All Star-Team Up?

Opal JR
Opal Jamal Crawford
Opal Oscar

yes. ill pm the gamertag of the guy that made the roster and my gamertag and we can start the game. cant do much more bc i got a game scheduled in like 7

do u have a preference of the three? id reccomend using cards none of u can get tbh even as bad as that sounds its just if u want to use a card now is the time