Xbox controller issue

I made a topic about this yesterday and had it deleted because it fixed itself but it has happened again.

I let my controller turn itself off while I left the console so that it could run out the fourth quarter while I was up 30pts. When I have turned it back on I can bring up the xbox guide and it works as it should. 2k does not recognise the controller and is completely unresponsive.

The game is currently paused with less than 30 seconds left of a game.

Anyone had this happen or know a fix?

My Xbox controller once in a while will not stay connected to my Xbox for hours. I haven’t found a fix. I have tried restarting my Xbox and unplugging it and it doesn’t seem to help

I’m keen not to lose the progress in this challenge.

The controller is working with the xbox though, it’s just 2k

this happens to me. i have to pull out the batteries from the controller or try to pair it again with the xb1

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No joy, I can go back to dash or bring up the menu but as soon as I come back to 2k it is unresponsive

me too and it’s annoying af cuz it happens out of nowhere as im playing

Did you work out any workaround?

Nah like he said just pull out the battery and put it back in. I’m assuming you already tried that but it happens to me

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I started having this issue with both of my Xbox controllers (new versions that I bought a month ago) and my Xbox One S. Now, I can’t even get the controllers to pair with the Xbox. They just turn on and stay on until I have to pull the batteries to shut them off. I’ve even tried plugging them in with a USB-C cable. I assume it is an update issue, but I can’t even get my Xbox to recognize them in order to update.

Anyone else solved this??

I got the same issue.

Discussed it there.
The power circle helps usually. For me the turn off console, unplug everything helped.
Call microsoft support if its not working after that…

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Heck yes. I literally tried everything except unplugging everything from the wall. Controller is connecting now. Thanks for the input!

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I made a thread about this before, but Do Not unplug your console while in the middle of a game I unplugged my console while playing call of duty because my controller wouldn’t sync back to my Xbox and it broke my game. I had to ship my series x to Microsoft for repair. Be sure to use the actual power button before you unplug any wires.