Xbox booter?

Two days in a row at 9-0 i matched up with the same guy and during lineups it freezes he had wilt early yesterday as well idk it just seems real funny i been running all day relatively smooth as well. Is this a known glitch or exploit?

Edit: i checked out his profile and someone else made made a claim he glitched games on one of his screenshots 174 days ago

I think its just the xbox servers, a lot of people have been frozen/error coded since Wilt came out yesterday

I hope so im just a little suspicious because it was the same exact guy two different days and then after i checked his profile another person claimed he glitched a few months ago so idk

If there’s smoke, there’s fire bro. The chances of it just being a coincidence are almost impossible. Report that POS & maybe he’ll get what he deserves, a Ban.

Bro i ran into a wilt on TTO and the same thing happend to me…didnt bother getting the guys name. But it was the only wilt that i faced so far

prolly an exploit…I remember last year there was one that nobody wanted to reveal how to do

Did it give you an L? If so report it.

Yea both times. I did nothing will come of it though probably lol

Happened to me 3 or four times