For Auction starting 100k and for the next 12 hours -

DM Durant - Fully badged / Best diamond shoe (imo) / 33 HOFs (inc. Brick Wall and Worm)

DM Porzingis - Fully badged / Best diamond shoe (imo) / 31 HOFs (inc. Posterizer and Clamps)

DM Blake Griffin - Fully badged / Best diamond shoe (imo) / 33 HOFs (inc. chef - mismatch expert - clutch shooter)

Happy Bidding

Pretty nice cards. Good luck!
I take it you must be from outside the US though. Really early in the morning here when the auctions will be done.

Yes from Greece… well…whoever wants them can bid from now:):slight_smile:

My guess is that you will have a lot of MT by the time the sun rises tomorrow! Those are 3 really good looking cards.

Bump . Approx 3 hours left

How did it go?

Just came back to work to find:

Durant: 948.900
Porzingis: 363.150
Blake: 273.650

Close to 1.5 million net…that is good in my books

That is really great! Likely a good time to sell them as well. My guess is that they will really drop in price in the next few weeks (except perhaps Durant) and there are more than enough budget options to use at this time until the really great cards come out. Are you planning on holding back using the MT for now or planning for another good investment?

I have almost 5 million right now…what i do is get HOF badges…wait for a good card…and then i drop it…i got like 1.5 million for Zion and 1 million for Kareem and my record is 2.7 million for tracy mcgrady…so i regularly do that…i will spend some to get back more…meanwhile i play with the cards as much as i can

aight so this is my first time on myteam since 19 and I’ve only been playing for a few months. You can’t farm HOFs right? So where do you get them?

I just badged a KP up to 39 as my first flip and have 7 HOFs left over. As far as I can tell I’ll only be able to get back up to 10 HOFs by the end of the season which maybe will be enough for 1 more flip.

I grind all offline and online…i get the HOFs from the game but i never use them for me…when there is a good first being mc Grady…i sell it with many HOFs…i have done it 5 …6 times…now my inventory only has 4 HOFs

Gotcha just wanna make sure I’m not missing out on dinner secret HOF grinding method lol

Much smarter than me. I usually hold them waiting for the perfect card to put them on and end the game with tons of HOF badges that I never use. The Luka I packed has been the first exception to the rule where I have put on about 8-9 HOF badges, but I do it because I am using him. Better move would be to do what you are doing and buying a good card (e.g., Durant or Jordan) and dump my remaining HOF badges on it and then sell.

Yeah I mean I tried KP put before I listed him and I could def eel a difference with the badges but stock will do. I already got Netolicky so I’m playing for fun until the end of the season. Overall I don’t think most HOF badges are worth it when you can make bank off them.