Xbox 12-0 service for 20$

Xbox 12-0 service for 20$

Hello guys,

Im offering various services on Xbox: 12-0, token services. As well, I could help you create account for Veronicas checks, MT Sale

Prices for services:

100 tokens (includes free player of the month and extra ~40K MT) – 50$

12-0 service – 20$

I will create myPlayer accounts for Veronica – 7$ for account

Selling MT 100k for 12$

First customer will get 10% discount.

I never got banned for using any of this method so I can promise that if you do get banned i will refund the money!

If you are interested, DM me, if not PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT and move on.


Everything looks good bro. You have any vouches ??

Once I bought MT from @Dwadepumpfake, but other than that I’m new in this business

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Why are these services always on XBOX? Haven’t seen a single one for PS4 yet. Just asking.

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If I would have PS4, I could do the same, but on xbox it takes less time

None of the ps4 guys wanna get that original undercut youll get being the first guy lol

Lol, just let it go

Any particular reason for that?

Probably takes longer too dash board ? Then load back up ?

Haha im over it. But am speaking facts lol. I think mug was thinking of doing it but ended up bailing cuz it was so much work

If the dude has two xboxes then it makes.sense for him cuz he doesnt have to split profit. But ifur matching with someone else both guys gotta get paid

I am not disagreeing with you nor do I really like the service itself. I am neutral like Switzerland in this case.
It happened and noone can change it. It’s just healthier to let it go and move on imo.

I really dont see anything wrong with the service. Since everyone knows how its done. People understand the work that needs to be put in. So hopefully op can get some clients and make this worth while. I know for my partner and i it just got really exhausting when it takes way longer than expected.

I am not saying that the service is a bad thing. I just don’t really like it for me. If I can’t get the players myself, I don’t want them. It’s only half the fun to use players I didn’t earn myself. I grinded my ass off to get this GO Wilt and I just love the card.
I am only talking about myself.


I hear you. Im so far from my wilt lol.

I still need to lock in 2 pds lol. Im at 104 tokens. I refuse to lock in the heat checks lol

Maybe you should grind for yourself then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and not do it for others :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Btw I locked the Heat checks. Wouldn’t be possible for me any other way.

I like to help people out haha. I got my buddy his wilt today

But ur right its time to get wilt on the squad :slight_smile:

I REALLY REALLY WANT GIANNIS. And its a fucking problem lol

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Haha, I hear you. Giannis is coming the day the last 2 tbt teams are getting released. After having Wilt and Giannis I can finally relax and enjoy them for the last few months. That will be really relaxing.

Those last two throwbacks are coming soon lol. Im hoping for a few more promos and moments so i dont have to rob someone blind for mt money lol

It seems that the pattern is the same every month.
Promo-Anni set-Signature-Anni set and then all over again.
So in the beginning of April, May and probably June there will be some more promos imo.

I just got my second go reward and jr, sold like 100 things back… and I’m sitting here thinking to myself how nice it is that my teams basically complete lol

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