Xbox 1 can someone put ruby stephen jackson for under 10k?


Yo while you guys are at it put up a PD blake for 100k bin


Been on that filter all day lol ain’t shit

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Everything dry today, i rather TTO.


Ive been on this fitler ever since i sold everything back and have not sniped shit, no grangers nor blakes no klays😔

Been on a Danny granger 100k for 20min my fingers startig to get sore lol

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Good luck that boy never pops up at all

People were sniping him yesterday I was like i have the day off i can finally try for him lol

Things really hot the first day or two

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Yah, 1st 2 days were really hot, now it seems rather waste of time or like hitting jackpot.

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Pulled 3 singles just to test. Got 2 emeralds and a ruby

I bought a Blake pack with VC about an hour ago and pulled him.

Just missed Blake :stuck_out_tongue: