Xb1 Wagers anyone

Bored and wanna earn mt HMU

Whats ur xbox gt? I feel like we’ve played before.


Wanna wager?

Maybe after this round. Got some cathing up to do.

What about an all current players wager??

That’s fine

Just show me your team so I can adjust. I literally just put 2 current players on the auction I could’ve used

Please try to remember putting this stuff in Clasifieds.

Can I wager that I am going to lose? lol

Wager anyone? Small or large

I’m down, 10k?

Yea bro you ready now?


You ready bro? only got like half an hour

Yea inv

Oh shit you play park too? We need to link on that

fasho, you let me know whenever

Who won?

I would do it, but people usually don’t pay up.