XB1 Users -- Hi there!

Hey guys,

If you’re an XB1 user, please comment on this thread. I feel like I barely know which of you are on that console, and I’d love to be more engaged with that side of the aisle!

Thank you,


Xbox gang

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Right here my dude!!!
I’ve been wondering the same thing, I hardly see any other Xbox users on here.


Finally some representation!!! gamertag hazardousphrat . I am down for friendlies after 8pm est when I put my two kids to bed lol

Xboxer here.
But mainly a park boxer

What up. You probably already know im on xbox tho. Lol

Same gt as here.

Didn’t you initially reserve a spot in the PS4 All-Time Team tournament lmao?

Hollygrove on Xbox too

I’m on XB1 and PS4, primarily XB1 though

Nah haha. I would sometimes check in on the thread though. Was interested in seeing the teams that were being built. Commented a few times.

Xbox gang here! :blush:

Gang gang

Xbox for life



Need to get 1.5k to get him prolly won’t get him tbh and might just get Frazier


Xbox user here!