[XB1] Tournament

The tournament has started. Seeds were randomized. Here is the bracket:


@element WINS (3) vs @raptorsbenchmob (2)
OGxSuave WINS @nay (2) vs @OGxSuave(3)


@OGxSuave (0) vs @element (1)

I will set up a 25k buy-in for each of you and will PM you with the player to buy. No one should start playing against each other until both have paid in. Will have that out in a few hours.

Please send a screenshot to me from the results of each game. Please follow the lineup format rules - if you notice your opponent’s lineup isn’t set up correctly, please quit the game, message them and try to handle it yourself. Otherwise let me know. You can change your lineup from game to game if you want but keep it to the format.

PLEASE! No rage quits. Makes it really hard to keep things organized.

  • MyTeam Rainbow Tournament (2 of each color max)
  • Max ONE PD (counts toward diamonds)
  • DD’s that boost to another tier count toward the original tier (i.e. amethyst Malone with DD = amethyst)
  • Best of five
  • 25k MT buy-in
  • Winner takes 75% of pot, 2nd place takes 25%
  • Occasional five-out allowed but discouraged
  • Don’t be a dick


  • element — GT: Noob Exploiter — PAID: YES (CST)
  • Nay — GT: Nay —PAID: YES (EST)
  • raptorsbenchmob: GT: raptorsbenchmob —PAID:YES (EST)
  • OGxSuave — GT: OGxSuave — PAID: YES (EST)

Note from @HarryLundt: Unpinning the “original” XB1 tournament thread and pinning this in its place, because it seems there’s going to be more inertia to this one. Other one is still open and can be active and can be found here:

lost me at 5 out lol

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Count me in. GT: I2 IE V A IVI P
Don’t hate on the name.

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Just sign up dude. lol If you face someone in game 1 and they overdo the 5 OUT just let me know and I’ll send him a warning.

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If u eliminate 5 out, id do…

Diamond MJ/Bird
Amythest Kyrie/Horford
Ruby Tatum/Klay
Sapphire Sanders/Middleton

not sure bout the rest

Impossible to enforce man. You can’t add gameplay rules like that, it just doesn’t work. We obviously don’t want to see it but it’s part of the game for better or worse.

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I’d at least do a “no 5 our every possession” rule

lol. Look, is someone gonna get disqualified if they do it once? No. Impossible to enforce. But if you take a video of someone doing it on multiple possessions I would take action against them.

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So do our golds and emeralds need to have playing time or can I do 8man rotation diamond-sapphire?

You can run your diamonds & amethysts the whole game if you want. Just can’t have more than 2 on the roster.

2 diamonds
2 amethysts
2 rubies
2 sapphires
2 emeralds
2 golds
1 silver

Can substitute a lower card if you really want to. i.e. Four amethysts is OK instead of 2 diamonds and 2 amethysts. Not sure why anyone would want to do that though. lol

Are you in?

I’m in.

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5 out has been part of the game for months now. If you don’t know how to defend it by now go play fortnite

Nah, 25K MT is the barrier for me and I don’t think I’d need the MT if I won anyways.

Let me know if you change your mind – I will actually conduct this tourney and get it moving.

25k is a barrier? I thought people might complain that it’s not enough to intrigue them.

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I’m with 50k but 25 is a good and easy buy in. If you do the moment challenges you can get that easily

I mean I’m looking to buy 100K rn to finish off my team by switching out guys like Wesyt with shoed versions. Worst thing for me to do rn is committing Mt to a tourney.

How many participants ?

sign me up. GT - xFad3AwAy

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My GT is Nay btw lol

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