This tournament is ONLY with players currently in the HOF. So no current players! And no guys that aren’t in the HOF yet but might be someday. Just guys in there now. I’ve identified the list of guys in MyTeam who are HOFers.


jdealla 2-0
OGxSuave 2-0
element 2-1
Ray_Dur 1-1
Ben 1-1
jc9288 1-2 (Eliminated)
bobby 0-2 (Eliminated)
Clarke_Griffin 0-2 (Eliminated)

Tournament Bracket:

Player Tier
Chamberlain, Wilt @Ray_Dur1 (1979) GO
Drexler, Clyde @Ben (2004) GO
Garnett, Kevin @bobbybobby320 (2020) GO
Allen, Ray @jc9288 (2018) GO
Olajuwon, Hakeem @Clarke_Griffin (2008) GO
McGrady, Tracy @jc9288 (2017) GO
Jordan, Michael @jdealla (2009) GO
Bird, Larry @OGxSuave 1998) GO
Daniels, Mel @element (2012) GO
Cowens, Dave @bobbybobby320 (1991) GO
Dampier, Louie @bobbybobby320 (2015) GO
Bryant, Kobe @element (2020) GO
Tim Duncan(2020) @Ray_Dur1 GO
McAdoo, Bob @Ben (2000) GO
Kidd, Jason @Clarke_Griffin (2018) GO
Ming, Yao @bobbybobby320 (2016) GO
Richmond, Mitch @Clarke_Griffin (2014) GO
Iverson, Allen @jdealla (2016) GO
Robinson, David @jc9288 (2009) GO
Erving, Julius @element (1993) GO
Sabonis, Arvydas @element (2011) GO
Mullin, Chris @Ray_Dur1 (2011) GO
Robertson, Oscar @OGxSuave (1980) GO
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem @jdealla (1995) GO
O’Neal, Shaquille @jdealla (2016) GO
Worthy, James @Clarke_Griffin (2003) GO
Pippen, Scottie @jc9288 (2010) GO
Johnson, Magic @Ben(2002) GO
Archibald, Tiny(1991) GO
Ewing, Patrick @OGxSuave 2008) GO
Cunningham, Billy @jdealla (1986) GO
Hill, Grant @Ben (2018) GO
Hayes, Elvin(1990) GO
Haywood, Spencer(2015) GO
Thurmond, Nate @Ben (1985) GO
Issel, Dan @bobbybobby320 (1993) GO
Wilkins, Dominique @Ray_Dur1 (2006) GO
Sampson, Ralph @element (2012) PD
Havlicek, John @jdealla (1984) PD
Radja, Dino @Ben (2018) PD
Pettit, Bob @jdealla (1971) PD
Petrovic, Drazen @bobbybobby320 (2002) PD
Dumars, Joe @jc9288 (2006) PD
Divac, Vlade @Ray_Dur1 (2019) PD
Sikma, Jack @Clarke_Griffin (2019) PD
Nash, Steve @element (2018) PD
Maravich, Pete @bobbybobby320 (1987) PD
Mourning, Alonzo @OGxSuave (2014) PD
Russell, Bill @Ben (1975) PD
Rodman, Dennis (2011) PD
Frazier, Walt @jc9288 (1987) PD
Stockton, John @Clarke_Griffin (2009) PD
Malone, Karl @jc9288 (2010) PD
West, Jerry @Ben (1980) PD
Unseld, Wes(1988) PD
Barry, Rick @element (1987) PD
Walton, Bill @Ray_Dur1 (1993) PD
Baylor, Elgin @Ben (1977) PD
Moncrief, Sidney @Ray_Dur1 (2019) PD
Thompson, David @jdealla (1996) PD
Payton, Gary @OGxSuave (2013) PD
Thomas, Isiah @element (2000) PD
King, Bernard @OGxSuave (2013) PD
English, Alex @bobbybobby320 (1997) PD
Malone, Moses @Clarke_Griffin (2001) PD
Dantley, Adrian(2008) PD
Gervin, George @jc9288 (1996) PD
Murphy, Calvin(1993) D
Mikan, George @jc9288 (1959) D
Bing, Dave @bobbybobby320 (1990) D
Reed, Willis @jc9288 (1982) D
Hagan, Cliff(1978) D
Jones, Bobby @jdealla (2019) D
Gilmore, Artis @Clarke_Griffin (2011) D
Lucas, Jerry @element (1980) D
Cousy, Bob @Ray_Dur1 (1971) D
Lanier, Bob(1992) D
McGinnis, George(2017) D
White, Jo Jo @element (2015) D
Mutombo, Dikembe @mutombo (2015) D
Monroe, Earl @OGxSuave (1990) D
Guerin, Richie @bobbybobby320 (2013) D
Wilkes, Jamaal @OGxSuave (2012) D
Cheeks, Maurice(2018) A
McHale, Kevin @OGxSuave (1999) A
Jones, Sam @Ray_Dur1 (1984) A
Parish, Robert @Ray_Dur1 (2003) A
Goodrich, Gail @Clarke_Griffin (1996) A
DeBusschere, Dave @Clarke_Griffin (1983) R
Johnson, Dennis(2010) S
Marciulionis, Sarunas @Ben (2014) S


Kobe Bryant
Julius “Dr. J” Erving
Arvydas Sabonis
Mel Daniels
Steve Nash
Ralph Sampson
Rick Barry
Isiah Thomas
Jerry Lucas
Jo Jo White

Michael Jordan
Kareem Adbul-Jabbar
Shaquille O’Neal
Allen Iverson
Billy Cunningham
John Havlicek
Bob Pettit
Dikembe Mutombo
David Thompson
Bobby Jones

David Robinson
Tracy McGrady
Walt Frazier
Scottie Pippen
Ray Allen
Karl Malone
George Mikan
Joe Dumars
George Gervin
Willis Reed

Oscar Robertson
Patrick Ewing
Larry Bird
Dennis Rodman
Alonzo Mourning
Gary Payton
Bernard King
Jamaal Wilkes
Kevin McHale
Earl Monroe

Kevin Garnett
Pete Maravich
Yao Ming
Dave Cowens
Louie Dampier
Drazen Petrovic
Richie Guerin
Dan Issel
Alex English
Dave Bing

Hakeem Olajuwon
James Worthy
Jason Kidd
Mitch Richmond
Jack Sikma
John Stockton
Moses Malone
Artis Gilmore
Gail Goodrich
Dave Debuscherre

Magic Johnson
Dino Radja
Clyde Drexler
Bob McAdoo
Grant Hill
Nate Thurmond
Bill Russell
Elgin Baylor
Jerry West
Sarunas Marciulionis

Wilt Chamberlain
Tim Duncan
Chris Mullin
Dominique Wilkins
Bob Cousy
Vlade Divac
Sidney Moncrief
bill Walton
Sam Jones
Robert Parrish


you might as well throw Timmy, KG, and Kobe in there since they’ll be inducted in August

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Absolutely in

Ok, that’s official, right?

yes sir


Cool! Would you be in for the tourney?

yep i’m def down

Some sample starting fives with this format:

Magic - Maravich - Pippen - Mourning - Thurmond
Iverson - Petrovic - Cunningham - Duncan - Yao
Oscar - Jordan - Rodman - Sikma - Divac

Could be VERY fun… would just need 8! Three so far…

i am in

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Cleaned up the list and removed a few guys who aren’t actually in MyTeam

So far we have four interested


Would only need four more and can schedule the draft for whenever!


id be interested

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im in


damn my team gon be dumpster juice lmao i have none of those locked Opals, so who ever has those opals will most likely be able to draft them back to back if no one else has them

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nvm i may be out dont have players that are locked and only have 600k mt to build a team

come in as the underdog… im sure itll be a serpentine draft so teams may not be as stacked as u think

This better happen

I wanna join

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Reviving this… we have these 7 guys interested:

@OGxSuave ?

Need one more if everyone is still in. A few more players added. Would love to draft tonight!


What time I’m central

@OGxSuave @Ben @2kkeys you guys still in?

Would love to get this started. Need one more guy if you three are still game

I think the draft will be fun in itself