XB1 someone put up a SABONIS. He’s selling for 400k+

I just bid 381 and lost. I want this damn card.

Ps- yeah I’m crazy save me the speech about me overpaying lol.


Lol the rich get richer

Fine by me. Just let me drain 3’s with fat boy sabonis lol.

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If someone puts one up wont you just get outbid on it anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

You aint crazy. Hes a rare commodity fun as hell.

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Nah but that’s cute

I need to try haha if not I sell back for roughly the same price

Maybe Drob can bring his price down.

I think I have a seller lol

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Its a good day

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One of our own put one up for 4 hours and I instabid 350 hahahahaha I’m a jackass

Ur gunna pay premium for that fat ass sabonis lol

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I need Ronald McDonald in my life :joy:

Bid 450K

Actually ? Lol


At least fat bastard can make a 3 ball hahaha him and big Z should honestly be my starters

I was bidding on that one too.

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Take em.all day to get up and down the court. Maybe wilt can carry one on his back LOL

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