✅ [XB1] - SOLD OUT - thanks for buying my dudes

Selling MT $5.99/100k

Paypal & Cash App. Referral code if needed cash.me/app/FWWVJSM (Try Cash App using my code, and get $5 when you send $5!)

I got started purchasing on here which helped me so I am sure a few people can vouch for me.

PM me. Thanks and keep ballin! :100::fire::basketball:


Vouched. Great guy. He certainly can be trusted.

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Vouch, legit and cool dude.

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Bought 500k from him. Legit. fast transaction.


Big vouch. This is a man of his word. Highly recommended.

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Bought 300k very quick and excellent service.

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Vouch big time! Smooth and quick!

I want 300k vc for $21.

Go Gators!

orange soda is pretty ight

Vouched, fast and easy

Biiiig Vouch. Worked with me after I messed up the transaction.

@Monkeynugget1 is clutch and fast as hell

Fast and easy, highly recommend

@Monkeynugget1 can you kindly find a different profile pic, lol.

why doe lol yours is more centered than mine

Because this one is mine lol.

@jusbro92 @Monkeynugget1 lol


Vouch :muscle::muscle: