✅ [XB1] - SOLD OUT - See you in 2K21 Dudes

Selling MT $10/100k.

I finally reached GOAT so sold every card I own :dollar:

Cash App only.
Referral code if needed cash.me/app/FWWVJSM (Try Cash App using my code, and get $5 when you send $5!)

Before anybody asks, this year I am not using Paypal because I have been burned from chargebacks several months later, and it is not worth it. I made one exception this year and already got $30 charged back on me… So yeah… no exceptions.

PM me. Thanks and keep ballin! :100::fire::basketball: Rep below.


Quick and smooth deal. Vouch for this guy.

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Can’t steal my profile pic now :slight_smile: lol


Vouch, buy from this guy. Great seller,

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No PayPal? :frowning:

Raptor, pm me, i might be able to do friends and family, but really would rather do cashapp

Vouch. Quick and easy!!


@raptorsbenchmob won’t do any funny buisness with payment man. He isn’t the type of buyer you need to be worried about.

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Appreciate the vouch my friend

PM’d u my guy. Lmk if u still have any stock.

Buy from this guy, great price and quick response time !!

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Big vouch, I went first and he bought the cards quick!

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800k just bought. Quick and easy transaction


Big vouch fast and easy payment method highly recommend

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Big vouch.

hmu on twitter at aaronluther12 I got u

why are u asking ppl to hit you up on twitter on my selling thread?


This dude reliable and quick
Transaction was great!!! :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:

no I want u to hit me up on twitter so I can buy the mt guy

Best seller in the universe

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