XB1 - Selling MT 20$ / 100k

I already have 400k to sell, and I soon send 98KD, d Rondo, d MJ, etc to the AH so I will have plenty more.
Never sell MT before so I only do it for well-known users from this community. I can go first, and I have Skrill and PayPal.

And it looks like I got scammed for the first time… rookie mistake haha,

30mins and no sign of the $ on paypal, and the guy is already offline of course.

Who was it

Damn that’s unlucky I went with a guy I knew ogxsuave went with I’m very careful with that stuff haha


sorry that happen to you.

Went first, quick and easy transactions.

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@2KGamer can u ban that dude from the site? @pullupwitahstick

Have 500k again to sell.

Legit seller, would definitely vouch. I went first, and he came through.

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You’re in EU right? I really need 100k but won’t be online for probably 5.5 hours from now

Finally, a first time seller who has actually posted on this forum before and isn’t sus lol

Right? lol

Yeah, EU

Have around 400k again.

What’s your asking price?

25$ / 100k

Oh ok, thanks man.

400k again.