[XB1] [PS4] MyPlayer Badge/Attribute Service and Park Rep service

Here I am starting another 2KG Service wave!

I’m interested in Grinding your MyPlayers while you boys are gone

Don’t know a price so we’d have to come up with a number.


Shit make a lockdown player and you got your first customer lol just told all my friends only way I would buy 2k20 to play the park is if someone find me a account I can buy so I don’t have to grind





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Very quick service
100% Vouch

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Do you rep up ? or how does it work ?

What kind of price did you end up with? Great service, could be interested haha

Nah bro I don’t rep up as in like actual rep but I do unlock attributes

Hard to tell have to know exactly what one needs

Fair, haha, I might send you a screenshot when I get home of something I might want done. Not sure though so don’t put too much effort into a quote, just a rough estimate, haha

How does it work then? Not that I wanna steal your business, but I am interested into understanding how it works

Seems most likely he’s grinding my career

PM me…I’ll pay you to do this.


How much would you charge bro?

Bump 7 players badge out under my belt