XB1 potential draft tournament

Might be a stupid idea but I’m wondering if there’s anyone on Xbox interested in doing a draft style tournament I’m thinking of ideas just now to make a different kinda tournament don’t have all the ideas sorted yet would be open to all regions just wanna know if there would be interest in it and if I can get the numbers I’ll start one, also looking for a trusted member who would be interested in helping me organise it! Feel like it could be a lot of fun and something to do until 2k21! There will be a prize as there will be a buy in either MT or real money that can be decided by you guys hence why I need a trusted member to be in charge of that side of it!

So if anyone’s who’s a trusted member is interested in helping me organise drop me a DM! So I can bounce some ideas I have off you!

I would be down as long as the schedules would be flexible

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The schedule would be flexible, if there’s enough interest I’ll post details but need at least 10 people if there’s more interest can increase the amount of people but doubt it just thought it’s something different to the usual tournament and something to do while we’re all waiting on 2k21

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Id be down

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Just make it an mt buy in

I’d be in

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Sounds fun, i’m in

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Got 5 need at least another 5 anyone else interested?


Only need 4 people boys make it happen

I would play!

We did this. It went pretty well. The draft itself was a chore since it was done entirely in a thread here but there must be tools out there to make it easier


Maybe make a MyLeague draft and whoever everybody picks will be their MyTeam cards?

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Oh right didn’t realise you guys already did one before if we can get enough people then I’ll host another one I’m currently searching for easier ways to do the actual draft itself

I’m in. My first pick will be Ben Wallace

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So far we have -

Count me in

Are we drafting cards? Or players in general

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I’ll release the rules dude the idea was I would get a randomiser and get a draft order for you guys then yous can send me a message of who you want and I’ll post it on the page so it saves having like 100 odd replies when yous are drafting


We need 5 Western Teams and 5 Eastern Teams these will be your Jerseys, Arena, Logo, Etc! When you select a team you will get NO players as we need to draft to get the players

Then we’ll have 10 rounds of drafts a
randomiser will select the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th rounds and the other rounds will be flipped so 1st pick in round 1 goes last in 2 and 10th pick in round 1 will go first in round 2! When yous select a player send me a DM of who you want and I’ll create 1 post and update it when yous pick to save there being 100 replies here lol!

There will be a 50k buy in and the winner will get either 300 or 350 and runner up will get 200 or 150 I’ll leave that for the participants to decide!

Group Stages

The 5 west teams will then play each other twice on alternating hosts and the same with the east teams with 4 teams advancing in each conference!

Knockout Stage

There will be a seeding in the knockouts to give an incentive to finish 1st in the group!
Quarter Finals will look like this
(1) 1st in East v 4th in East
(2) 2nd in East v 3rd in East
(3) 1st in West v 4th in West
(4) 2nd in West v 3rd in West

Semi Finals will then look like this
Quarter final (1) winner v Quarter final (2) winner
Quarter final (3) winner v Quarter final (4) winner

And then the grand final will be best in the West v the Best in the East

Each knockout stage game will be best of 3 with alternating hosts and whoever scores the most points in the first 2 games hosts the 3rd game if required!

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