(XB1) PD Larry going up for auction

Possibly 12hrs or 24hrs not sure yet

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Prices are kinda high today. If you have it up too long and something else drops between now and when it ends, it could affect your prime price. But with Bird being rare, maybe not. Just my thinking on it.

Thanks, yeah pd Larry sold yesterday for 584k

I thought about selling mine about 2weeks ago…but just can’t😂
He’s so fun to use.
Why you selling?

Broooo, 2ks kept me waiting all damn day. Not you, too! What’s the dillyo on bird? Did you get cold feet or are you just busy actually having a life?

PD Bird is one of a kind. It’s like selling a Ferrari, we ain’t got no Honda over here. I gotta wait for the right time.

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Touché :ok_hand: