XB1 MT FS! 400k for 60$ or 20$/100k

Will not go first Vouches on twitter & here, have sold over 2 mill. Accepting paypal or venmo! Message if interested!

You have vouchers on here? Who? cause you literally just joined


I was the middle man for my friend that sold off my mt on here for me because I was too lazy lol

Who’s your friend?


realize he has a recent issue but I was actually in the party at the time it happened, not sure where the deal went wrong but he ended up refunding the man. So I can assure you hes legit.

Lol doubtful anyone will go first with you considering you’re new and your buddy just recently was accused of scamming. But GL.

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That’s fine eventually I will find someone whose not afraid but thanks. I mean yeah he was accused but he wasn’t guilty? He bought his card? maybe somebody just threw a dup up? He refunded regardless and has plenty of transactions to show that hes legit.

Lmao cheedy a scammer tho lmao that’s source isn’t reliable


lol because you have facts to prove that right? If you read the forums somebody created a fake account off his name, “CheedyCheez” two E’s. His name is “CheddyCheez” lol not sure how hard that is to understand. For all you guys know that dude scammed him for 100k and his money back. He has plenty of venmo transactions and has sold off over 1 mill for me lmao

If you aren’t interested then simply ignore the thread? Lol why bother to comment and try to start little drama. Please keep that toxic shit away from here. Thanks.

Relax we’re just saying that it might be hard to get people to go first when you’re brand new and the only vouch you have is your friend/someone who has somewhat of an interesting history lol.

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Man stfu I’m just saying your bro scammed someone on this site so don’t list him as a rep. Simple.


Understandable. But you got to start somewhere I have no problem going first… I just don’t trust this community either. Being scammed multiple times causes you to become extra careful with these type of deals. Just saying

Dude comes to a site with 90% reputable ppl and out the blue claiming he not going first. You know how many ppl that scares off. But like you said it ain’t my thread. So I’ll take my negativity elsewhere. Good luck on selling.

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He didn’t scam anyone lmao please leave now. You can’t read a simple forum thoroughly enough to understand the entire deal. He refunded the mans money and everything’s back to normal. End of story. OGxSauve you can go cause AIDS on another thread now.

Triggered. lol have a nice day

Nah my g you triggered. I left the convo alone and your still @ me. Lmao never triggered I have rep here sir. Have a great day

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GrizzzyGram, Chedddycheez kinda sounds like the same thing to me.

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