[XB1] MT for sale $11/100k | $15 12-0 Service

great seller!

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Still selling?

I’m out of MT atm. Will have more in couple of days.

500k in stock.

300k available.

Big vouch

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Bump, 1.2 mil available.


Does no one want MT? Damn.

Nice bump lol

Thanks for another bump lmao

Got 200k MT. Easy and quick seller!

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600k left. I’ll be on for a few more hours.


Purchased 400k! I went first and would definitely purchase more in the future!

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Bump, get your Gervin asap!
300k MT available as well

Big Vouch. @teqson is very trustworthy and always delivers service fast as advertised. This is your guy.

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My man @teqson came thru for me today on day one of George Gervin. This card is a beast for a free reward. Do not hesitate to do business with this man - as reliable as they come.


All I can say is @teqson is a man of his word. I was looking to have someone run my 12-0. He messaged me quickly, and offered to run my 12-0 for gervin. as advertised, he came through fast and in the time frame he told me it would take. I would most definitely use him again in the future. For all services he’s your guy.


Bump. 100k MT available too.