XB1 MT for sale 10/100k 👀

XB1 MT for sale 10/100k 👀

I sold out and have 1.06 mil MT available. This has to be the cheapest price on the market. Take it all for 90. PayPal, Venmo or cash app. Not going first but you guys should know me by now. I’ve bought a ton of MT and have gone first every time. Besides I’ll be back next year :fist:t4:


Hell of a deal! Big vouch for my man

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U still got this

Yea I’m about to sell 300k right now. Message me

I got 80 of the 90 your asking for cuz tax

Bouta do a deal now and I’d rather sell it in increments in that case. Thank you tho

How much you got

Bouta sell 500k but I also have my glitched Ben Wallace to sell so 300k after this transaction

I need that 300k

Gotchu fam message me

Super smooth deal. No problems quick and easy. Went in increments too

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Bump. I’ve got 400k in stock right now. Still 10/100k

Great seller! Fast and easy

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Big vouch for the homie

U still got mt for sale 10 per 100k

still got mt for sale?

Just accidentally loaded in to MyTeam tryna get on MyPark and I have 80k after some auctions sold. I’ll sell it for 8 lmk

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Bump. I’ve got 100k now. 10 dollars lmk best rate on Xbox

I’ll buy rn