XB1 Magic auction

Magic just ended for 484k I don’t even know anymore

Pink Diamond?

Same with Diamond Klay the last 2 days he has gone for really cheap, today I saw that one was going for 220k with 10 minutes left, Idk if he went for that price but it seems that some rare cards are going for cheap on One

Yup pink diamond magic

Somebody got a diamond magic for 100k earlier

It’s crazy how cheap they’re all going corn except for Bird I noticed the pink diamond went for around 800k earlier

I wish I had the enough coins to buy one of those super OP cards, but sadly I only have 38k I would like to get Klay back and this is/was probably the best time to get him back

My buddy won that larry bid. Needless to say he is estatic lol. I got a magic with the 3pt shoe that boosts open 3 for 184k. Last night. But tbh i think i over paid. Does anyone know what that magic with red kyries went for ? Was done around 5oclock today

A lot of magic auctions are going for 220+. Without shoe I saw go for 168 which I kinda wish I got. I was contemplating between him and PD Harden and got harden for 168k so I should be happy. But same time, my team is nearly full of 90s players, it feels wrong.

I really want a magic with currys or kyries. Like so bad lol

Was in a bidding war for it too and came up short and went for 260 the first one lol no chance for me, and if he gets a duo, damn it be GG

That makes me feel better. I was gunna sell my magic to compete for the kyrie magic. But i only had like 220

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The Red Kyrie auction today on XB1?, I’m not home today and wonder what it went for.

That was mine.

Ended at 5 ? Think buddy said it went for 260 ???

Yeah that was mine, picked it up Thursday night for 170 so pretty solid flip.

Took some other Ls during the crash so that would help.

I have another one to sell with Curry’s, will let you know when I put it up.

Can you wait until i can accrue mt??? Ill sell my magic i have now tomorrow ending at 7. Hopefully get a decent amount.

170 is nuts for that card. Wow

I’ll wait, no rush. Just shoot me a message.

Yeah it has been a mixed bag flipping. I grabbed a bunch of TMACs at 300 and they are going even lower.

I saw a TMAC with Red Kyries which is the ultimate luxury card for like sub 300 this morning.

I paid 1.2 million for PD Magic when he first dropped so looks like I’m taking a huge L there.

Thanks homie. Appreciate it !