XB1 - GOAT Kobe, Bird, 24hour Curry, Offline Services

24 hour or your money back for GOAT Curry spots open for next week. 1 weekend spot left.

Vouches listed in post below, hit the DMs

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24 hour Curry spots open for the new week.
48 hour Bird spots open for the new week.

For this week for a limited time until friday I can do both Curry/Bird bundle for cheaper then what I normally do.

First come first serve. DM for info.

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Have Bird/Curry spots open for Monday and end of week

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Big Vouch finished Curry on time. Communicates great as well

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Have 24 hour curry slots for this week. DM’s

Still doing Bird/Curry bundles.

Have some spots open

Bruh made it eassyyy had nothing to worry about! VOUCH

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Messaged you

Sorry, I got back to all my DM’s.

Spots open for Thursday/Friday and will also have weekend spots if you want to book. DM me.

Weekend schedule is wide open, curry in 24 hours or your money back. DM’s

Spots open for the new week. 24hour curry or your money back. DMs

Monday - Friday open, DM’s

26 games left for bird how much?

I have 24 hour Curry spots. Also doing Birds/Kobes