XB1 - GOAT Kobe and 24hour GOAT Bird Offline Services

Harden, Hakkem, Kobe, TTO Offline, Dom

Whatever you need can have it all done, good rates. DM for info. XB1 only for now.

got some more spots open, now accepting MT as payment as well. hit the DMs

Spots opened up, good pricces, DM for details XB1 only

Purely out of curiosity, what do you charge for a Kobe grind?

HUGE vouch for my boy @Duhhplugg for finishing this long ass grind for Kobe. Got it done quick as hell too and always communicated.

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Have a weekend spot open and spot open for monday to be finished by friday.

Once im booked im booked, first come first served

theyve fixed Kobes jumper. Spots open, DMs open

rumors of new spotlights coming out next week. Get the current ones done now, hit me up

New spots open for the new week, hit the DMs, accepting some MT as well

Have first come first serve spots open for the new GOAT Bird, can be completed in under 48 hours or quicker

This man is as real as they come. Real patient and gets the job done. Definitely handles his business well.

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Spots open now and for the weekend. Hit DMs

Vouch! Bough 500k from me, great buyer and amazing person!

Taking new accounts, kobe and bird, mainly looking to take bird accounts, have 1 spot for a full kobe.

Hit the DMs

Have a Bird spot open for today and tomorrow, 24hours. hit the DMs

Kobe spots open for next week. Bird spots 24hours for sunday

New week, all spots open. Only taking a limited amount of kobe accounts this week, 24hour bird spots open.

DMs open first come first serve

24 hour Curry spots open, as well as Bird.


have about 3 spots open for 24 hour CURRY. Hit the DMs, first come first serve

how much to complete curry?