XB1 Friendlies vs Yubuubuu * STREAM INSIDE Practice for Qualifier tomorrow*

Would anyone like to run some friendlies tonight? Im going to be practicing for the qualifier but im currently at 11-0 in MTU. Unfortunately im going to try a cheesier style of play in anticipation for what ill face in the qualifier. If you would like to play regardless and just have some fun and compete let me know and ill stream for the community too. Its just for fun, comp, practice nothing else.

Heres the lineup im running

MJ AK Pip Giannis Marc (might put giannis at center and use a diff PF)
Magic Hedo Hill Gugs Timmy / mutombo/ marc if giannis slides to 5

Even if you dont love playing against cheesier players / lineups this could be good practice for what you will face in MTU / qualifier still

@JohnnyHimrod @Gpap @OGxSuave @raptorsbenchmob @Shamslol who am i forgetting? Lets do it fellas

I won’t be on tonight bro

I’m on vacation until tomorrow, but I’d be happy to watch a stream.

Waiting on batteries. I’m down

Good shit. Let me see if i can get my stream going and download spotify i want the viewers to have some dope shit to listen to

Gimme 20-30 though

I know I gotta finish the series with @JohnnyHimrod but I’ll be on in an hour-hour and a half to play if he’s not on or after

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All good i gotta download and get a spotify account so i can set music up thru twitch

Ready whenever yall are

STREAM IS twitch.tv/yubuubuu

Got a really really good playlist going yall. Hope ya enjoy

Can someone please help me with something?

How do i get music on my stream thru twitch??

If you are still looking for someone to play in about an hour I can run against you. My squad is far from the best but you can practice all that cheese I don’t mind. I’ll even play a certain way if you want to try it against zones, full court whatever.

For sure im down

Hey everybody im really sorry you cant hear my music

Heres the playlist im bumping if you wanna vibe with me :slight_smile: and believe me im vibin

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Same gt brutha


Said cant find - CallMeGit?

Or inv me YuBuuBuu

Send again

Says cant find GT for some reason