XB1 Emerald HQ21 Tournament - 200k VC prize

Tournament first round matches may begin after 250k qualifers (~5pm EST).

1st place 200k VC, 2nd - 75k VC, 3rd - 35k VC, 4th - 15k VC

Tournament Bracket - Click a match and it will provide an option to watch playback.
HQ21 Twitch - I will host or upload recordings here.

No entry free, but there are requirements for entry:
X box 1
North American
Lineup only up to and including Emerald players (excluding myplayer and heat check)
Must be able to record/share game play (if you can twitch stream that’s a bonus)

Series are 1 game elimination in beginning rounds, but final 4 and championship will be best of 3. Determining 3rd and 4th place will be based on 1 game series. Seeds for the bracket will be randomized.

Opponents will have 3 days to complete their series. A disconnect will result in a loss. Playing a card sapphire or above will result in a loss. Further details and rules may be released before the start of the tournament to make for the best possible competition and entertainment.

No colored courts and white or light colored homes and dark aways


Lit…ill join(wait emerald cards)

Id be down if we could go up to sapphire or ruby

I’d be 100% down. I love the idea of no higher than emerald, so many good/fun cheap cards.

My GT: jc9289

I’ve recorded my gameplay before, so I think I should be fine recording and uploading games where ever.

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jc9288 Glad you like the emerald idea! I love 2k content and gameplay but it gets a little repetitive seeing the same players on every team. I think all emerald will provide some variety.

For those of you are interested in other tiers - I definitely want to do it in the future if this tournament is successful. So far 3 people have quickly expressed interest so looking good!

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So many fun lower tier cards.

We got Steph, Kyrie, brook looez, kuz. Gold Melo. Gold AK (worse animations sure, but can still be fun, and a great defender). Ayton. Bamba. Tmac.

I love the idea of emeralds and lower only.

Edit: dirk, mo Pete, Yi, donyell marshal, every current Knick. Plenty of other fun rookies. So many current players we never use.

The nice thing about emerald and under is the very limited badge slots. I like the idea of super specialization.

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Yeah why not. Fuck it, im in

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I hope we can get enough guys for this. I’m already messing around with lineups.

Are we doing position lock? Or anything goes? (I’d personally vote position lock but down for whatever).

I also think we should ban myplayer cards, so we don’t have HOF badges making things wonky (though I guess if these are friendlies/on pro it might not really matter).

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I’m in, NRG x Howard, emerald and down seems incredible, are heat checks 83 and below allowed? Also no admission cost?

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oh yea im def in

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Emerald Rider and Korver on every team

ppl dont realize how expensive those cards are lmao

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I’m in :ok_hand:t4:

@jc9288 I don’t want to put any line-up restrictions except for cards emerald and below. But I definitely want to brainstorm and collect ideas for future tournament themes.

@Ben Good question - heat check will need to be excluded to avoid “heating up” at wrong time. Other sets such as High flyer, etc are fine as long as they are emerald and below. Also, no buy-in. Just make sure you can meet all the requirements from first post.

Messed around with a test team in MTU. Steph and Tmac killed it.

But if we are doing no position lock I’m going to have to rethink things.

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I might have to finish grinding my post scorer for this…

I’m not sure I can play korver over tmac/ariza/mo Pete/Melo

lets exclude myplayers bc they’re not true emeralds