{XB1} Court Conqueror

Anyone a sharp and down to play with me and my bro on court Conqueror for that 25k? It’s 6 games. Just need you to stand in the corner and hit the open shot. @Simon

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still down ? @vFade

I’ve barely touched myplayer

Lol what’s his 3pointer on?

Not sure probably low 70"s. I’m a shot creating slasher anyways so you should find someone else :joy:


Have a 87 post scoring shot creator. It’s impossible to win it without a pure sharp with good defensive stick skills. Played a few games, i can stop my guys but Curry, Kyrie and Harden are really hard to contain.

Exactly smh no body on tho

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Whens court conqueror? I have 4 exams this week :sweat_smile: