[XB1] and [PS4] Evo services Full or Partial!

[XB1] and [PS4] Evo services Full or Partial!

Looking to do a whole entire separate Evo service

I can do your players from base to final form or if you just want certain things focused on.

It’s kinda like my my player badge service so why not right?

Hit me up in DM and we can talk :rofl:

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BIG Vouch for my buddy @OGxSuave much respect for him. :+1: :sunglasses: Last year I paid him, then sent him my account and he opened the AH for me quickly. I trusted him completely, he is a great guy! :heart:

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Did it again. OGs the man.

Sorry just now seeing this bro Preciate you!

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You know I got you brodie !

how much do you charge per player?