(XB1) All Time Tournament Info!

THIS IS A BEST OF 3 series to move on to the next bracket!!! GOOD LUCK GUYS!!

Okay guys, this is what we have worked out so far, we are looking for 18 Participants TOTAL.
There will be a 30K MT buy in. Wanted to do 50k but I’m getting a sense that won’t please everyone. If we can all agree on the buy in then we can further discuss it. Once we have a total of 16 players we will discuss times and brackets.

Until then…

1. Have FUN.
2. Logo on the cards DO NOT MATTER.
3. As long as a player was on that particular team for a season that player qualifies for the All Time Squad.
4. There is a POSITION LOCK. Secondary positions are okay. For instance Paul George who can play SG/SF

All Time Team Structure
1. If team has 1 GO (Galaxy Opal) team is restricted to 1 PD.
2. If team has no GO’s, team is allowed 3 PD’s.
3. Teams are restricted to 4 Diamond’s and 4 Amethyst’s and 4 Rubies Max.
4. Teams MUST NOT have any cards below Ruby Tier.

Participants so far…

  • xM1SFiiT (Lakers)
  • OGxSuave (Bucks)
  • CarsynCruz (Bulls)
  • Raptorsbenchmob (Raptors…of course)
  • Dallin.s56 (Warriors)
  • Delano_23 (Blazers)
  • dwade (Heat)
  • jc9288 (Spurs)
  • Shamslol (Knicks)
  • Shml.hayes (Rockets)
  • BleedGreen (Celtics)
  • star5cr34m (Sixers)
  • Bowzer (Cavs)
  • Cody_Bryant (Nuggets)
  • LethallilChris (Wizards)
  • silverfox1978 (Pistons)
  • Carlo221 (Thunder)

No 5 out ? How u gunna control that ? I run raps book. I run a handoff play that starts in 5 out formation. Lot of plays that are in the book either start or end in 5 out


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give me de BUCCCCCKS


Players need a card of the team you’re playing with to be able to be on your team, or does each card need to have your team’s logo?

Logo does not matter

I wanna run pd jeremy lin but hes only been on raps for a couple months. Any restrictions on how long they played for the desired team ?

we got a miami heat team

Edit: Jailblazers.

Yours if interested.

Yours if you can meet the guidelines, which is why I didn’t want to take them. I have too many Galaxy Opal and PD Lakers I’d love to run whic is why I went with the magic

how will the lag be from australia

Good thing i have no opals lol

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I’d assume you would have to host the game.


Jeremy Lin qualifies

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@xM1SFiiT actually, change me to the blazers

If we do a 50k buy in can we not do single knockout. Be nice to get a few games in



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Great. I can run sixth man lou too :slight_smile: although probably wont haha